Charged to change currency from Euro to GBP back to Euro in berlin


Irish User here, I’ve been using my Revoult card for well over a year and a half now and have never had any issues with using it abroad, Other than America,

But last weekend in Berlin, Everytime I took money out of an ATM, I was charged to change currencies, So the 50 Euro Taken out was changed to GBP then changed back to Euro (as i only have Euro on my Card currently) This meant every time i took out 50 Euro i was charged 54.99 Euro off my card.

Please fix this bug as if this continues it defeats the whole purpose of having a Revoult Card and would discourage me to use it when abroad in Europe.


Hey @bmcauliffe :slight_smile:

This is not a bug, but a failure to read the FAQs. This is a practice called DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), in which the ATM owner offers a terrible exchange rate. You should REFUSE it and opt to be charged in Euros.

:r: has no control over this at all and there’s nothing they can do on their side :wink:


Hi Juliopp,

I understand that, but that a separate issue, I understand. That you have a choice to opt for the ATM to decide the conversion rate for you or You can refuse and let opt for Revoult to decide the exchange rate from GBP to Euros.

But there shouldn’t be a conversion at all. I have 0 GBP on my revoult card and only have Euro. so it shouldn’t be converting Euro to GBP back to Euro.

When i accepted the ATM rate i was charged 56 Euro when taking out 50 euro, When I refused the rate i was charged 54.99.

There should be no charge. 50 euro should come out as 50 euro. Similar to when I take 50 euro out in Ireland.


Hey @bmcauliffe :slightly_smiling_face:

No, not really. If you refuse the conversion, :r: should take the money straight from the EUR wallet and there should be no conversion involved.

It should go like this in your case:
-> Refuse conversion -> ATM charges 50€ -> :r: charges you 50€

-> Accept conversion -> ATM charges 5X£ -> :r: charges 5Y

Does the transaction in which you refused the conversion appear as a single amount or as a converted amount?


Hi @Juliopp
I have both transactions, Singular amount and as a converted amount.
I took out money 5 times and tired every possible answer to see if there was anyway i could get just 50 Euro out when i wanted 50 euro.

There was 100% no sequence of answers, I could have given that would have given me the amount i requested.


Hey @bmcauliffe :slight_smile:

If you have a “singular amount” transaction in euro for a EUR withdrawal, then no conversion was carried at all neither by the ATM nor :r:, so that’s not the origin of the surcharge.

Is there any chance this could be an ATM fee? Was the ATM an Euronet one by any chance? :atm: :wink: