Charged the wrong amount. What do I do?

I paid €10.35 for something.
I got a message from Revolut 2 minutes later saying they has charged me €13.35 (or something).
Thank God for Revolut.
I took a picture of the receipt about 30 minutes or so later.

It’s only a small amount I know. But I don’t like getting conned.
How many people would just pay and never notice because they have 100 other transactions?

Aside, say if I have a problem with a purchase, I get full consumer protection - how do I access and make a complaint or action?


Hey there! Sorry to hear there was a discrepancy with the charge. We can always raise a chargeback for you in all applicable cases. You’d just need to contact us on support chat and we can initiate the process for you.

Thanks for the reply.
How do I send you a message?
I don’t need to chat + I need to send you the picture of the receipt.
I can’t find an email address or a form on the website.