Charged in wrong currency

Hi All,

I was paying for some goods from China. The prices are in USD and I expected to be charged in USD. I have bought this currency before the payment. I made the payment and unexpectedly I was charged in GBP. I didn’t have GBP because I don’t need it. I have PLN and EUR and in this case PLN was used to buy GBP on the fly. Of course due to additional convesion I lost some money paying more than I expected.

I was contacted with Revolut support, but they told me that they received the request for this payment already in GBP. They advised me to reach out the merchant regarding this. It seems that Revolut card was detected with its default currency which is GBP.

Using the terminal, I can reject the conversion, but If I have no influence on in which currency I will be charged while paying in the Internet, that ruins the whole idea of multi-currency card :-/

Does anyone have similar experience?


This is not a revolut problem but a problem with merchants using dcc (dynamic currency conversion). You can read more about this online

Thanks for reply. I’m not saying that this is a Revolut problem. This is our, as a customers problem.
The main issue is that you can’t predict when you will be chared in (default) GBP currency and when in the currency you were expected to be charged.


Most shops give you possibility of changing the currency (sometimes it is hidden :wink:)
I use AliExpress, Geek, Wish, Gearbest, Amazon and in each case there is such possibility.
Remember-if you use PayPal- you have to change it in PayPal too.

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Thanks for reply. That’s great news that major players on the market have this option. In my case it’s Xiaomi spare parts supplier from China (don’t want to make them free ad here).