Charged in GBP in my Euro Account?


I recently bought something off German Ebay, it was €28 all together. I had plenty in my euro account and was charged to my euro account - however I was charged in £Pounds instead of €Euros?? Leaving me with a fee and a crappy currency conversion.

Why is this happening? Will it continue to happen? And how can I stop it? haha

Thank you anyone!


I think I found another post that details it is Paypal+Ebay that choose how the money is taken from your account, unless within your paypal app you choose to have the currency conversion handled by the card company

If anyone else has more info on this that would be fantastic, as I actually didn’t even use Paypal for this purchase simply just accepted the terms and conditions of Paypal


FOR ANYONE HAVING THIS ANNOYING ISSUE WITH PAYPAL! - Don’t use your card, use a Paypal account linked to your card. You can change your conversion option to be always be with the card manufacturer.

GO to Profile > Payments > My Preapproved Payments > Set Available Funding Sources > Conversion Options


can confirm this is the way forward, otherwise you use paypals conversion and not revoluts!
Just to clarify, you need to add your revolut bank account