Charged for canceled card delivery


I recently opened a Revolut account. As I didn’t see that I could decline the Plus trial, I’m now with Plus (less than 14 days, no payment made, only 20 euro deposited). When I then wanted to order a card, I didn’t see that there was a choice. I ordered a Plus card. I quickly noticed (within an hour) and successfully cancelled the card. When I now want to downgrade to “Standard”, I am asked to pay for the card I cancelled (7.99 euros). I hope this is a mistake.

I wrote an email to the revolut support. I got a automated responds directing me to their chat bot because they are busy. The chatbot couldnt help.

Should I downgrade first and then order a standard-card or the other way around? Should I wait? (Though I dont want to be forced in a plus abo because I missed a deadline.)

Any help is appreciated:)

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The chat is not just a bot. It’s also your way to contact customer support agents. You can read more about it in the FAQs.

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Hello @TomK :wave:,

Welcome to our community. I can understand your concern regarding downgrading your plan.

To downgrade your plan to Standard go to ‘Profile’ → ‘Your plan’ → :gear: ‘Manage’ → ‘Change plan’ → ‘Downgrade to Standard’.

There’s no charge for cancelling your promotional trial within the trial period. But, if you ordered a physical card, you’ll need to pay the card and delivery fees.

For more details, you can check these FAQ links :arrow_double_down:

Promotional offers and trials
How do I downgrade my plan?

SG | Community Team