Charged for buying something internationally

My wife wants to buy something from Poland via a polish website, will she be charged a fee if she uses Revolut? Thans

In which way would she plan to pay? Why would you think she would be charged? Does the vendor impose any charges?

I have purchased from American websites in USD even though I use Euro. I just convert the currency in the app before I buy it. Your wife won’t be charged any fees by Revolut.

Keep in mind that there are fees during the weekend since FOREX is closed.

Spending in store or online is completely free with Revolut. However, in order to cover our costs and build a sustainable business, we apply a fair usage limit for certain services. For example, currency exchange transactions are free up to £5,000 or €5,000 per month with a small 0.5% markup thereafter. Your remaining fee-free allowance can be found any time under your current price plan in the ‘Profile’ section.