Charged for additional card and unable to reach to customer care


Reaching to customer care for help is almost impossible. I have been charged for additional card and I tried hours to reach customer care via App but no luck.
I think I made wrong choice by choosing Revolt. It is just painful to get any help.


Hi! Customer support is very busy usually in-app unfortunately :frowning: I recommend contacting them on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


Did you order the additional card unintentionally?


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll contact them in facebook. Let’s see if I can get support.


This is the perennial problem with Revolut. They’re quick to take your money. And when you need customer service support, it’s non existent. I’m beginning to lose patience with this firm. Otherwise the service could be good. But let down badly by bad service and claims they cannot back up.


We don’t have enough information here. Because all spare cards / additional cards, even virtual ones, do come with a fee unless you are a Premium customer. We just don’t know what the problem really is, so I would not jump to the conclusion that Revolut “took the money quickly”.