Charged card declined



I have been using my Revolut card for the first time, it was working fine up until now. Today (sunday), it worked at a supermarket but then it was declined at a restaurant and two subsequent withdrawals. I live in Luxembourg and I don’t have any other card (My French bank send me a new card at my parents’ house, which I am unable to collect, and deactivated the one I have).



The same issue with my card in Lithuania. Today about 12:3o tried twice to pay for bill in a supermarket (declined). Than tried to withdraw cash from two different banks ATMs (declined). Revolut support is not working. :frowning:

The same issue was last saturday…:frowning:

Actually this is first two times I faced such issues after 1 and 3 month using Revolut card as my main card.


So is this an issue with Revolut and is it going to be fixed?


Same for me in Toulouse. Seems like an issue with Revolut


Just had this from Revolut support:

It seems that our payment processor encountered an issue causing an outage with the card processing service. The cause has been identified and a fix is about to be rolled into production. The issue should be resolved soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Thank you for the update! Hope it resolves soon…


This is affecting Monzo too. You can get status updates here:

Would be nice if Revolut did that too. Monzo also warns in app that payments are down…


Still having same problem in the UK