Charged at an ATM when cancelled the transaction

I recently used a ATM when in Germany - before completing the transaction I cancelled it. The card was returned and no cash dispensed as expected. However, on my Revolut statement it shows the money coming out.

I have contacted support who have advised me to contact the merchant - I did this but not had a response yet (over 10 days). They then have sent me a link to fill in a chargeback form but the link did not work. I am finding it increasingly infuriating as the support is taking too long to get back to me each time meaning this whole saga is taking too long.

  1. Has anyone been in this situation if so how was it resolved?
  2. Any idea how I can get the chargeback form link to work - is it because i’m on android?
  3. What are people’s success rates with chargebacks?


@chrand I have written you a private message to discuss this.

Hi, I have had a similar problem but never received a receipt proving the transaction didn’t go through. Did you have any success with the chargeback form?

Revolt were useless in helping with this - they only spoke to the bank who provided them with a ledger saying the transaction took place and nothing else could happen.

The same thing happened to my girlfriend and she approached the german bank directly (I think she got an email for someone high up) and they were able to to look into whether the machine was in credit which it was - therefore refunded her.

I am still €100 down and have written off using Revolut ever again. The frustration really comes from the lack of phone support in situations like this and they didn’t really go above an beyond, simply stopped at the first hurdle.

Let me know if you want any more info from my girlfriend on how she sorted it. But I wouldn’t think Revolut themselves can help.

Unfortunately I have to agree. Revolut seems to have the potential to become a very interesting service in the near future but they have to dramatically improve their level of support. No contact information and only some in-application chat is far from satisfactory I am afraid. In a financial environment I’d expect at least a proper email address with reasonable(!) response times and reasonable responses in general. If they really want to go the extra mile there should be a phone line too, not necessarily 24/7 and maybe even only for paying customers - but thats up to how that service could be financed of course.


Thanks so much for responding, this is such a frustrating situation.

How exactly did your girlfriend contact the bank? I’m going to try and visit the bank here on Monday, but I’m not hopeful that they can help me.

Did you ever try claiming the lost money on travel insurance? I want to try, but not sure if they’ll accept the claim.

Many thanks.

When it happened i told her to take all the details of the ATM with which she could contact the right bank etc. I think they should be on you statement though too.

I’m sure if you have that you can explain the situation and the bank can check whether the atm was in credit and then if so - you should be golden.

she just googled to contact the bank and picked a senior person to email.

still a little bitter about this - wish there was more that @revolut could have sorted it.

Hi @Laranicole.

An agent has responded to your message via in-app chat. Your two chargebacks were raised. Please note that a chargeback procedure can take up to 45 days. This is MasterCard policy to give the merchant who took your funds time to contest the chargeback.