Charged £225 for ATM withdrawal but no money

I attempted to use my card to withdraw money yesterday, I had three failed withdrawals, each time no money was dispensed and each time the ATM stated transaction cancelled. I then checked the app and found that the money has however been deduced from my account. The chat function states only that they are aware of the problem and I won’t be charged, but the money is still blocked on my account.

I’m abroad and urgently need access to this money.

It’s not good enough that there has been no response in over 12 hours.

I’m also paying for the premium account which states free 24/7 customer support…

Hey @Andy83 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately :r: is having technical difficulties. They usually sort them out within 1-2 days and the money is then returned to the account. Every time this happens they’re overflowed with requests and unable to answer to all of them (yeah, professional)… :frowning:

If you’re in urgent need of help, consider contacting :r: through Twitter: