Charged 1 €



I have charged me 1€ on March 5 and, today the transaction didn’t revert.

I want to know what happens and if it is normal this time to revert the operation.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Antonio José Checa Bustos.


Hey Check

What kind of transaction are we talking about? Maybe you can tap on it and share a screenshot of it.


Hey Henrikbjorn,

In my bank account, I received a 1€ charge for revolut on March 5. After reading a little I suppose that charge is for card pre authorization, but I readed that is up to 7 days to revert that charged. So I want to know what happens

Thank you


Hey Check

I would contact support via the in app chat. They will be able to tell you why they did it :slight_smile: type “live agent” in the chat.


Hi there. Are you referring to the card pre-authorisation?


Yes, AndreasK, I think so…


Ok. As I can see it was reverted back on the 5th of March.


In my bank account I just have the charge not the refund.:S I will wait a few days more and see if anything changes.