I’ve had to issue charge backs against two companies. The first has been processing for over a month now, no charge back has been issued as of yet, it’s taking a very long time. I’ve been repeatedly asked to send evidence of contacting the merchant, great, however how do you send it? I’ve asked but no response yet, shall I send it on here? Post it to you? Send it via carrier pidgeon?

The android app image upload does not work, I simply get a red exclamation mark, is that how I send it, by taking a picture of the email I’ve sent them? The second charge back claim I’ve had no response from the merchant or yourselves on issuing it.

To be honest these experiences have mean’t that I’ve realised that less reliable companies who have no intention of fullfilling orders can trade with with no repercussions to themselves, they can simply take money from customers and hope that only 5% issue a charge back as it’s so time consuming. The days when Mastercard and VISA vetted merchants has long gone it seems.


Funding for purchases online I have found best with PayPal. They cover for issues with suppliers so if supplier does not refund you can go direct to paypal who will gently persuade the merchant :blush:


After going back and forth with Revolut they finally replied with nothing other than “I notice you are already verified” I know I’m verified, however my questions is WHERE do I send evidence of a chargeback?


I used and got pretty quick (for them) support.