chargebacks form


Guys, I have been asked to fill in the chargebacks form but the link the support team sent me doesn’t work. Do you know where I can find this form?


Hi there.

We can send it via email! Let me know if you still need it.


I have had the same issue today, I get so far completing the form, it says it is uploading & then nothing. I have copied the link and emailed it to myself to try on my laptop but google doesn’t like it; Your search - revolut://chargebacks/?submissionId=80b2b9e4-793f-477d-8e10-ad2a830929af - did not match any documents.
Please can you send it to me by email. Thanks


Could you please send me a direct message with your email address?


This wasn’t a direct message, you posted this as a public post. :wink:


So how do I do a direct message,there was no personal email?
Michelle Riby


Go to the forum website, klick on someone’s name and klick on the message button.


Please click on my name and then messages.