Chargeback over 45 days

Whilst in India I tried to withdraw around £130 in separate transactions. I did not receive any money at all. I completed the chargeback forms for all of the transactions and received the confirmation emails on the 7/03/18. By my maths it has been well over 45 days and I have not even heard from Revolut since… rather disappointing. £130 is a lot to me as I’m 19 and travelling. What can be done to get my money back?

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Did you get a confirmation that the chargeback was actually raised? There similar issues at Chargeback Experiences?


Yes I definitely did.

Is your card VISA or Mastercard? I recall they mentioned that due issue with their third party provider all VISA charge backs were raised on 18th of March, bringing the final day to 1st of May.

In regards of what else you could do :

It’s a master card…

Is this an official revolut link, looks rather suspect?

How come?


Because the website is poorly made. But the bigger issue is that I’ve lost £130 due to Revolut and the ATM’s incompetence.

I dont know what should be poorly made about the website. Looks quite decent to me.

As for the funds, well, yes the ATM should have provided them but thats what the chargeback is for and that is apparently still in progress.

Is there any comment on having to wait for over 45 days, any means of compensation?

I’m still waiting for my visa chargeback since December last year…

Have you heard anything from Revolut?

Same as what @popm said. Cashback only raised on 18th of March due to a technical issue from Revolut’s provider.

I had a message from an agent on the chat to say my chargeback was successful and the funds would be deposited to my account a couple of days ago on the day. They are not I have checked all currencies and I haven’t heard back from the agent despite messaging him multiple times. How can I chase this up?

Thanks to all

Hi guys, wjhall is your problem solved ? I have on similar and i can’t create a quest here on Revolut.

Mine was resolved after several months.

Hi, I claim a Chargeback because an ATM in Hungary hold the money on Oct 2nd.
I received the email -
The good news is that we’re on the case and will make every effort to resolve your dispute with the merchant. We may reach out to request some more information from you about the transaction.

Unfortunately this process can take some time, as MasterCard requires us to give the merchant up to 45 days to respond to our dispute before we can claim your money back.

Thanks in advance for your patience and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way!

Do you think the chargeback is going to be resolved in that period?


Sorry for reopening an old thread. But HOW COME Revolut takes 45 days when my normal bank takes 3-5 weekdays to do the same thing?

Banks pay you back in advance before they receive the chargeback amount from Visa/Mastercard as part of customer service.
Revolut doesn’t.

Oh I see… that’s the difference. Thanks :v: