Chargeback not processed - Revolut not doing its job


I bought a $305 item online on August 2nd of last year. The company was never able to produce the item (necklace) and following several emails, I asked for a refund on Sept 27th, which they agreed to. Fast forward to November and the refund still does not appear on my account, they are having “technical difficulties”.

After many more emails and phone conversations with the obviously incompetent merchant, we come to the conclusion that disputing the transaction through Revolut would be best.
I raised a chargeback late in late November. Bear in mind that the merchant agreed to a full refund and that I provided proofs.

As of today, I haven’t been credited back and when asking for a follow up on the chat, a lady simply told me that Revolut asked me through the chat if I had received the goods (in January) and I did not respond, therefore they can not proceed with the chargeback…

How was I suppose to notice that message 2 months later? Not only was there no notification whatsoever, BUT had you paid any attention you would have noticed that I was NEVER EVER GOING TO RECEIVE THE GOODS anyways! I was CLEARLY asking for a REFUND.

Revolut, this is ridiculous… seriously step your game up and do something about it.