Chargeback has a infinite delay.


So, i ordered a couple of things for my friend from my revolut card, he didn’t received the items so we contacted merchant and they said they delivered it and everything so we contacted revolut to open the chargeback on 17 feb. They made me fill out a form and after that day i’ve been contacting revolut daily via the in app chat, and there is a BIG DELAY not sure if it’s just me, but they apparently cannot open THE CHARGEBACK due to some technical issue which has been going on for the past 3 weeks(atleast in my case) and they cannot provide an estimate time. Also just to let you know, after the chargeback is open the merchant is given 45 days. So it is like i have to wait until revolut opens the chargeback and then wait 45 days more. And the amount is like 2500$ Which is a big amount for me. Apart from this the card has been of great use, but what is the point of having a bank which cannot open the chargeback when the merchant is not resolving the issue. I hope someone from revolut team sees this and try to expedite the procedure.


Hey @Luciano :slight_smile:

This is not just :r:, but any other bank. Chargeback processes, unless you are lucky to own an American Express, last anywhere from two to four months. Can they last shorter? Yes they can. Do they usually last shorter? No, they don’t.

Insist until they’re able to file a chargeback request. Formally complaint if they can’t (keep in mind card companies sometimes require a certain period of time to elapse for certain “codes” of chargebacks to be accepted).

EDIT: here you have a non-fully-representative example for the U.S.A.

My personal advice: don’t check daily after the chargeback is open. It will not have an influence on the time and this is a standard procedure in the market :wink: