Chargeback form



I tried to get cash out in Quito a few days ago, and the cash machine seemed to freeze and then rejected my card without giving me a receipt proving it was cancelled. I tried again at a different machine, as it had just worked for my friend who also has a revolut card, but the same thing happened. As it was a public holiday I couldn’t even speak to the bank about it. On revolut this transaction was pending for a few days, but has just changed to ‘completed’, even though I never received the cash.

Has anyone had success with the chargeback form? I’m worried that since I never got a receipt proving it was cancelled, this will affect my claim?

Also, does anyone know if this could be an issue with my revolut card? I don’t want to try it again in case the same thing happens- and I’m not getting much help from Revolut support!

Many thanks.


Hey @Laranicole :slight_smile:

Yes, even with large amounts :wink:

From my experience, Ecuadorian ATMs work really randomly. Some of them would refuse a spanish card from Santander, while accepting other from the same bank.

Did you already fill the chargeback form? :wink: