Chargeback Experiences?

Actullay not. orginal rules allowed me a full refund in case of a flight cancellation.

      1. 2. Involuntary Tickets Refunds:
  1. Involuntary Tickets Refunds shall mean the refund that may be requested by the customer who has purchased the tickets if a scheduled RJ flight has been cancelled or rerouted as per Article 9.1 & 9.2 in the conditions of carriage, and there is no

  2. RJ flight with a comparable routing available within 24 hours of the original time of departure to the destination that is through ticketed (last destination of the ticket) and in case of such unavailability, RJ is unable to provide other alternate air transportation acceptable to the passenger; or

  3. Available non-comparable routing on RJ or another carrier that arrives within 24 hours of the original time of arrival to the destination that is through ticketed (last destination of the ticket) and in case of such unavailability, RJ is unable to provide other alternate air transportation acceptable to the passenger.

  4. Involuntary Refund tour code will be generated from system and should be added upon involuntary refund from any sales channel.

  5. Involuntary Tickets Refund will apply as follow:

  6. If the ticket is un-used regardless of Royal Jordanian’s fare rule, the total fare amount will be refunded.

  7. If the ticket is partially used regardless of Royal Jordanian’s fare rule, Royal Jordanian will refund the value of the un-used coupons .

  8. RJ, YQ surcharge is refundable in case of involuntary refunds.

File an official complaint. Revolut will have some time to issue a final response (either they will process your chargeback or tell you no). At which point you can take this to the UK’s Financial Ombudsman service.

I made the chargeback form for some transactions.
Drew sent me a message in the app chat, and i replied him but he don’t give me an answer.
What i can do? I need to speak with a chargeback agent.


I just finished a chargeback process raised back in January. Three months have passed and I heard nothing back other than “Your Dispute Form has been received”. I then contacted them yesterday, and was told the amount was too low to be disputed :joy: and that they just cancelled it without notifying me. Good thing that I wrote it in my calendar.

Word of advice: If you are disputing a transaction due to illegal surcharges banned by EU, then dispute the entire amount if you cannot figure out a solution with the merchant.

It is an unfortunate situation, which, once again, erodes Revolut’s credibility little by little.

What does “too low” mean exactly?

It means that the difference between what is on the receipt (DKK 199) and what was actually charged (DKK 201.38) is too low to dispute the extra charge.

I sent the dispute form from January and wait. In July, I checked again with the live agent. He/she said that they did not received the form I sent, even that I got the confirmation email from revolut. The chargeback team should update the website. Now what should I do?

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It does indeed seem like Revolut hopes that we give up. I suggest filing a formal complaint with the UK Financial Ombudsman

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so, on may 24 I raised a chargeback for my flight ticket. my flight wasn’t canceled, but I was rejected to take my flight, since Spanish government decided that only those with spanish passport and residency could enter there. on june 3 I received a message on revolut app from a guy asking whether or not my flight was canceled. I explained that it wasn’t, however I didn’t receive the service which I paid for, and also proved that in this case I might raise a chargeback as well. at first he didn’t want to raise it, but then he agreed. anyways, on june 5 my chargeback was successfully raised. today, exactly 45 days since it was raised I received a message from the same guy saying that the merchant proved that they gave me a voucher which never happened. so he said he cannot do anything anymore. He also said the flight wasnt canceled at all, as if it is a brand new info. I really said that when I raised my chargeback, and it seemed like he understood that also in my case I can ask for chargeback. Apparently, he just ignored what I said. simply don’t understand it. how come he didn’t get in touch with me to check whether or not I really received that voucher? and it is really suspicious that he got in touch with me exactly after 45 days since my chargeback was raised. it is the exact timeframe for mastercard chargeback process. from the very beginning it seemed like he didn’t want to help and today he proved that. I asked him to send me that document which the airline company gave to revolut to prove that they gave me a voucher. he doesn’t reply now. I am really disappointed with you, revolut.

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File an official complaint with the Financial Ombudsman in the UK. I actually wonder if anyone has ever been successful with raising a chargeback at Revolut? But it’s true: From beginning to end they seem very unwilling to help.

I raised a chargeback last week sir a substantial amount of money that I am at great distress without. I provided more evidence and have waited two days for an update. As of 6th September the chat window just infinitely says ‘looking for an agent’. I was also promised an update by Monday so I would ideally have this resolved then also.

Hi guys, I purchased privately (through my Revolut Visa card) a pair of shoes that sadly when the parcel arrived, no shoes were in. I notified the seller and the parcel delivery office. As they were sent internationally the parcel company stated the seller needs to claim “loss of item/damage” but the seller is refusing, and now ignoring my emails. I raised a chargeback through Revolut on 3rd November, 2 weeks after the item was ordered and the following day to the seller ignoring me.
I’ve followed up multiple times but have heard nothing but “we have received your dispute” since.
Now I work in financial services and know that Visa disputes should be raised ASAP and have 30 days for disputes to be corrected. This is a chargeback so should come under the 30 days. However I’m getting nowhere with a response from Revolut!
How can I escalate this? I’m conscious that they haven’t even sent the chargeback over to visa let alone respond to me. I am aware I can raise a complaint also.
I asked about timelines for resolution and Revolut are point blank refusing to give me a resolution timeline, even though I have pointed out visa stipulates 30 days under their terms of supplying cards.



I would contact them via Twitter if possible. Tweet them and they tend to reply or ask you to DM.

If you get nowhere then I would raise a complaint with Revolut or the financial authority. I am not sure how Revolut have got away with having such poor customer contact services.

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Hi there, I have an active chargeback for over $1000. The chargeback was initially set up as it had been over two months since the items were supposed to arrive. Now during the chargeback the items have arrived but they are faulty, broken and rusty. I have spoken to 4 people on revolut help who refuse to update the chargeback team with this information. They also refuse to provide me with contact details. If the person managing the case does not have this information, they will be provided with a delivery notification and my chargeback will be declined. Clearly the dispute team need to receive this update to be able to recover my funds. I have downloaded a copy of all correspondence as I will follow the complaints procedure and raise it to the FSO if my case is declined because Revolut do not have adequate communication channels. Can you please advise who I can contact so the team dealing with my case have the most up to date information?

I have been waiting 2 months to receive a chargeback that Revolut took from my account. I have had daily lies from the “live chat” members saying they are awaiting updates and I was promised a final response by the 23rd November which I haven’t recieved. Without a shadow out doubt, this is the worst bank I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with