Chargeback Experiences?

You are importing something from china, and asking it to go via a third country to evade customs.
This is quite not legal because the place this item is coming from did not change, just the route, and no import fees would be collected by anyone in particular or any sales tax.
I am not saying you did this willingly, but do keep in mind the trajectory of an item does not matter for final custom purposes.

So according to your logic, Amazon’s business model is fraud. They import from China to some warehouse in Europe and then resend to a buyer in some country in Europe. Its exactly the same.

Just to be clear, European regulations and laws only state that an import from outside Europe should pass customs when entering europe. After that the merchandise is free to circulate inside europe.

In this specific case, the only thing that’s done is route the item in this case through Belgium instead of directly to Portugal. It’s entirely legal as the item passes customs in Belgium and only enters Europe after passing customs. That’s the legality of it.

Speaking of practical terms, the reality is that countries such as Belgium pass most stuff without applying taxes and fees while Portugal has the strictest customs enforcement in Europe and open literally every package. By opting for a shipping service that routes an item to enter Europe through another country, I’m just taking a gamble that that country will not apply taxes to it. Of course if that is done and the respective country taxes it, I’m liable for the tax. It has nothing illegal.

Even DHL offers similar services where they charge you customs in advance and then proceed to make the entry into Europe through Estonia or something like that.

Adding to that, buying something directly to Portugal is simply unfeasible since it takes two months for something to be released by customs.

In this situation the merchant sold me the service of passing through Belgium, which was not fulfilled, a breach of contract and adding to that wrote gift on the box, making it impossible for me to pick up the item without lying about having some relative in China, which I will not do

That is not fraud. If the item enters the European Union legally and custom-free through Belgium than this is an agreement between Belgium and China and is not related to the customer. And if it happens there is no such agreement (as it might seem from the follow up post) and the Belgian authorities are simply more “lax” it would not be fraud either.

But could we stay on-topic please?

Exactly, and I have no idea if an agreement between the seller and Belgium exists, just that it was supposed to enter through Belgium. When buying I assumed there was an agreement as it’s usually with these kinds of shipping methods. But with the way the situation progressed I now doubt there is.

But staying on topic, is there any way to submit additional documents to Revolut? In chat they say I have to wait for the chargeback team to get back to me. It seems that I’ll be waiting eternally…

A quick update on my case. I was contacted by the bank and they confirmed the dispute was raised with them on the 28th of February and sorted on the same day! However almost two months later Revolut claims they have no reply. I will have an official statement tomorrow and as well as reference number confirming the time of resolution. I’m keen on seeing what Revolut has to say in regards of my complaint to the ombudsman. Despicable level of service.

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Hi all!
Finally my case get to the finish.
I have received my money back.
Thanks all for information and support.


My case is still processing since 2nd of December :frowning:

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Hi @popm,

As I can see our chargeback team has sent you a direct message informing you that you chargeback was successful and the funds will be assigned in your account today.

Yes indeed, your devoted team has taken the exact maximum allowed period of 45 days to resolve the matter.
I did however forward the confirmation I received from the bank (merchant in this case) that the issue was resolved on their end on 28th of February - on the same day there we approached by said team of professionals, to the ombudsman and plan to take this further.
I look forward to receiving the funds back and terminating my account.

Just an update on the thread, the time after escalating to Mastercard is 45 days as previously stated here, but for Visa it’s only 30, according to Revolut

Revolut CS told me that it’s 45 days for visa as well.

30 for Visa according to the chargebacks team and the email they sent me after. I’ve also checked Visa’s core rules and it’s 30

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@anon33247966 I’m very disapointed to see that Visa chargebacks should be processed in 30 days, and my chargeback request which I initially raised on the 2nd of December was only submited on the 18th of March and was asked to wait until 3rd of May to hear back while it should have been 18th of April.

Can you please take a look into this?

I received the following reply in chat:
“The 30-day period refers to chargebacks raised on or after 14th April. For chargebacks raised before that date the 45 days period still applies.”

That’s weird, maybe Visa was also 45 days and they changed their rules April 14th? That’s the only thing that would make sense here

I finally received my money back today. It was a very long 5 months wait!


I have a really bad experience with Revolut airline chargeback. Royal Jordanian cancelled my flight from Spain to Jordan due to Coronavirus.
They are refusing the refund by saying my flight was non refunable.
They are offering to rebook me for a fee 120 USD plus fare differences.
They have published those rules on trheir website couple of weeks after I bought the ticket.

I have filed for Chargeback but the Revolut team says it does not qualify because those are the airline rules (even though they were published after I bought the ticket).
So what really are the rules?


Since the rules from the time of booking were probably even more rigid, I am not sure if it helps at all to point out that you booked before the new rules were published.

Hello, I need some help my 2nd phone got stolen with all my info on it for Revolut and other things and someone made fraudulent purchases. I have them block my account and i already verified myself again but i still can’t get into my account.

I have purchased a ticket with Royal Jordanian from Amman to Barcelona. The ticket has been canceled due to Covid-19.
The airline has refused to refund me money for canceled flight stating the cancellation is due to government decision to suspend flights.
The only option I have received from the airline is to pay 120 USD rebooking fee and fare difference. That means I would have to pay an extra 500 USD to use the canceled ticket,

On the 12th of March, I have disputed a card payment to “Royal Jordanian Airlines”. Revolut team has investigated the issue, however, the outcome of the chargeback process did not meet my expectations. They informed me that they were unable to raise the chargeback because they are out of the chargeback rights.

I have informed Revolut that the terms and conditions of my ticket changed after I bought the ticket. My original terms allowed me to receive a full refund. Also, the airline is clearly in breach of EU consumer law :
“EU air passenger rights apply: If your flight departs from the EU to a non-EU country operated by an EU or a non-EU airline”
"If your flight is canceled you have the right to reimbursement, re-routing or return, as well as the right to assistance and a right to compensation. "

Revolut is refusing to process my chargeback and suggested I get in touch with your services.