Chargeback Experiences?

Hi all,

So last month I discovered Island Air in Hawaii went bust and Revolut applied for the chargeback after I provided them with all the details. I was informed this would take 45 days which is fine as this is standard with Mastercard.

Contacted Revolut yesterday with just a general query about what happens once the 45 days are up and they delayed in getting back to me. I then got a message asking for my itinerary which was strange as I was not asked for this at time of applying for chargeback. I asked why they needed this and still waiting for a reply.

Has anyone else gone through a chargeback. What were your experiences?


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Hi there. You will need to send your itinerary as this will help our chargeback team to proceed with your dispute.

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Hi Andreas,

I think you’ve missed the point. I was not asked for the itinerary when I sent the chargeback last month yet yesterday I was asked.

Why wasn’t this asked for in the middle of January is my point. Revolut emailed to say the chargeback was sent off, but 30 odd days later I’m asked for more info. Why?

I do understand this, however our chargeback team needs time to assess. Also the whole procedure takes up to 45 days.

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Ah cheers, you see the way it comes across in the email from you is that it gives the company 45 days to respond. Actually pretty much says that.

Anyway, I’ve sent the itinerary via twitter chat. Phone is broken until Friday! Is twitter ok to send the screenshot or will I send to you?

Cheers for the informative replies

Just received two separate emails from Revolut regarding the chargeback. This time the emails have the company name and cost on them but aside from that they are identical to email I received January 14th.

It says it will take 45 days for company to respond and Revolut are making progress. Is the 45 days still from the initial date or from today?


From the initial date :slight_smile:

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Ah brilliant! Cheers

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Interesting to see how this goes. I’ve been contacted by others privately regarding their chargeback experiences.

Today is the 45th and have contacted Revolut regarding chargeback. No one replying via twitter or in app. Will keep people posted.

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As I can see your chat has been already escalated to our chargeback team. A member of the chargeback team will get back to you as soon as they can. Please note that our official communication channel is our in-app chat.

Thanks for your understanding your patience!

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the response.


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As predicted Revolut have completely let me down and as an institution are completely unreliable. And others seem to have the same problem if my private messages are anything to go by.

I filed the chargeback form January 14th. A couple of weeks ago I asked a question about the process not even my own application. I was asked for the itinerary of the flight at which I got a more detailed email saying the value of the chargeback. Andreas here assured me the 45 days would count from January 14th and not mid February. Scroll up to see that.

I’ve now been trying to contact Revolut this morning and finally received a reply telling me to be patient and that my date to hear back was…wait for it…April 12th.

The usual message followed, we apologise for this, we are trying to make the process better etc. As if it’s some pop
up coffee shop and they’re slow to deliver my drink. It will be three months since contacting them that I will get an answer on my chargeback. If April 12th is the answer date then when on earth was the chargeback raised??

I’m sick of the “please be patient” messages. It’s hundreds of pounds owed to me and Revolut take over a month to fill in a form. What is going on?

Revolut are great for using if you have a little weekend away and need to withdraw foreign currency but after that it’s a mess. This is the second major issue I’ve had with them. I really am sick of using them.


The timeframe of 45 days counts from the time the case is raised with MasterCard. Your case was raised on the 23rd of February. Therefore, the final date of your case is the 12th of April.



My fault, I’m not a member of the chargeback team and that was the last update I had from our chargeback team.

This is my exact point. Thank you

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What was happening between January 14th and February 23rd?


While I hate to bash and complain, creating an eco-chamber I must agree that the chargeback process seems a bit slow in terms of- it’s not actually raised once you fill in your form but later down the line. I’ve had a dispute open for a couple of days but the Merchant still claims that they have not been informed. Fingers crossed that your issue gets resolved promptly but looking at previous threads around I won’t keep my hopes up.


Agree, I don’t like to complain either as I’ve been previously quite happy with Revolut. Over 5 weeks to fill in a form is crazy and no explanation from Andeas either.

Good luck with your claim.

I do understand this. However, we follow MasterCard chargeback policy.