Chargeback claims


Since the middle of January I have been trying to process a chargeback claim. Time and time again I am told that the claim cannot be processed because of difficulties with a third party partner. It’s bad enough having to wait 45 days but that time period hasn’t even started yet. I’ve now been waiting for over a month.

Has anybody had similar difficulties with making a chargeback claim, or have you had success since mid January?

Reposting this because I have been round the houses on this with customer support and the revolut team made the topic private. Please do not make this private again. I want to hear whether ANY chargeback claims have been processed in the last month or whether I have been fobbed off.


You mean the Payment Provider, Revolut is using?


I suppose so. They won’t tell me who it is because apparently they are unable to disclose it. Which makes me somewhat suspicious…