charge my £ account even there is still €


Hello, this might not be a bug. Recently I tried to pay around 85€ online. I had 8€ and 80£ in my revolut account. I thought the payment would use 8€ first, and then charge my £ account. However the whole payment was made by my £ account, around £74. Is this normal?


it uses the one that has the enough money for it.
since you only had 8€ , it wasnt enough so it used the £ wallet.


If it emptied my € account first, I would pay less exchange fee (there is 0.5% on weekend). So I believe there is a sense of what I am arguing here.


you can argue the weekend fee (there are other topics for it), but it wont change the problem here, where you could as easily had transfer £ to € before friday


So I will move my topics to “ideas” category. I believe 9 out of 10 people would agree with me about how they should be charged.


Although your base currency seems to be EUR, the currency of the transaction will be used first if the transaction is in USD, EUR and GBP.


The base currency is £, the transaction was in €


then you did not explain yourself well, as you said “Recently I tried to pay around 85£ online” so I assumed the transaction should have been in the GBP


You were right. I made a typo. I edited my initial post. Sorry for the confusion