Changing PIN via ATM in South Africa


Hi all. Does anyone know which ATMs allow to change the PIN of a revolut card in Cape Town, South Africa? Tried a few but none of them offered the option. Thanks!


You could check Mastercard’s ATM finder. There is a filter for PIN services or something like this. It’s not a guarantee that it will work, but chances are higher.


Thanks for the prompt response Frank. I did try that and went to an ATM who apparently offered to change the PIN - it said so even on the sign over the screen - but once I put my card on I could only withdraw money or pay for pre-paid services, no PIN change option…
I suppose that list is a hit or miss…
But thanks for the suggestion


That’s right. In some countries, “international” ATMs, the ones that are not operated by national banks, seem to work. Customers in France reported this, I believe.