Changing phone number!

Hi guys, I am changing my phone number. How do I change my account over?

Hey @taekwondokid13 :slight_smile:

Did you already change your phone number?
If so, follow these steps:

If you didn’t, you can change it in the More tab of the app, in the Profile section, clicking Personal details :wink:


Hi thanks! I am changing the sim card tomorrow so I will change the number in the app when I change the sim. Thank you!


Hi! My phone got stolen with the Sim card in it so I am now using a different number.

I cannot log onto my Revolut account though.

Any advice as to what I can do?

There is “changed phone number” on the welcome screen after downloading the app to a new phone.

Yes i’ve tried that but it takes me to the chat and then nothing happens…

The support chat needs to change the number for you. Unfortunately, there is a waiting time due to huge demand.

Ok I see - many thanks for your help! I’ll wait for them to revert

I have a similar problem and I can’t reach support - lost my phone, got new one and a sim card but I can’t access nor change the old phone number at all - please help - I paid for premium and no support at all!

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