Changing name on account


How do I change the name on my account?

I have followed the instructions given by the chat bot which says to type live agent and someone from support will get back to me but no one ever does! The chat function does work as it’s intended :confused:

Is there another way to change the name on my account?



Hi there. What’s the issue with chat function?


I managed to get hold of a support agent and was able to solve my issue :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to reach any human support agent- it said to wait up to two hours as they are busy but I was waiting over a day to get a response from someone.


Hi - how did you eventually change your name on your account? Do you need to speak to an agent?


A support agent arrived in my chat and helped me to change the name on my account. I guess just being patient and trying at the quietest time of the day helps :smiley:
I had to upload government issued documents that showed the name I wanted to change to. Once confirmed, the agent unlocked my account for editing, I went in and typed my name in the account details section, clicked save, then returned to the chat and the agent confirmed the change.


Thanks. I’ve done that and everything is now sorted. Thanks for your help.