Changing my base currency

Hello !

I started a revolut account when I was in London, everything was fine. But now I’m living in Canada, and to be paid by my company I would like to change my base currency to obtain a account number and sort code as soon as possible.

Is is possible ?



Revolut is only available in the EEA. Considering you moved to Canada you’d need to contact support and have your account closed.

I am also not happy with my base currency. It is based on my nationality what is correct but since a few years my tax residence is in another country I much more prefer to set up EUR. How to contact the support ? I have only Rita available in the app.

Hi @alessandro,

I also set Revolut up in France but now I am working in Switzerland so I would like to change my address to my Switzerland one, and base currency to Swiss IBAN. How to contact support? Same as @mohikan I have only Rita in the app…

Thanks in advance for the help