Changing monthly premium to annual premium

As the title says - how do change my monthly premium plan to the annual premium plan? I’m still in first free month.

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Hi there. I can change it for you.

I’ve changed it :slight_smile: Thank you.


ok, Thanks Andreas

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Hello @AndreasK I would also like to be charged annually instead of monthly (still on my trial month as well)

Have you tried to contact our in-app support team?

Hello, I’m also interested in making that change! Any suggestions? :blush:

Is there a way to do this in the app? if not @anon33247966 could you update my account as well to yearly billing please?

could you help me to change it as well, please? I would like to be charged annually instead of monthly (I am in 2nd month of the monthly plan). Thank you in advance.

hi! could someone help me to change my metal monthly subscription to annual payment??

How can I downgrade my premium plant to normal free plan ? Ive been using for a year now but don’t really use so wanna change it

Would like to have the same.

Please contact Revolut support for this. This is a user community no Revolut support here.

Hello there

I would like to change my monthly premium plan to the annual premium plan as well.
I’m in the first day of trial.

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I’m on Metal and when applied app said to me that I could have changed from monthly to annual payment after…

On app it seems impossible to do by myself… and my experience with support… well OK… I think I’ll remain on monthly… :sweat_smile:

Same problem with Premium. Support chat said that I should downstage the plan that I’ll get reimbursed but when I tried to do so, it asked to pay more 12 euros for physical card costs. I guess I will stay to monthly if no Revolut support member can help me.

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As I said… stay away from support…!! :sweat_smile::joy:

I recommend the opposite. :slightly_smiling_face:

Talk to support, but provide them with everything they need to solve your problem. Don’t try to establish a nice back and forth chatty communication. Write everything you want them to do with all the additional informations they need in your first chat post. Write as you would write an email.

Once an agent picks up the inquiry, she or he can fix your problem without having to get back to you. This works for me most of the time very well. And I am badgering them with my requests for 6 years now.

I had three chat with support, these are my stats:

  • problem solved 0/3
  • unuseful suggestions 2
  • potentially dangerous suggestions 1

Ok… :sweat_smile:

Anyway this option should be present in app as “promised” on subscription… not to be asked to support.

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