Changing IBAN numbers? Lost transfer.

Hi there,

I am a European temporarily located in the US where I have been happily using my Revolut card for day-to-day payments.

An American institution has sent me a large $ sum through a wire transfer to my Revolut account. I sent them the SWIFT information in my top-up function and double- triple- quadruple- checked if I was sending the correct information.

It’s been 2 weeks and the sum still hasn’t arrived in my account. When I checked, suddenly the IBAN number connected to my account was entirely different. No wonder the transfer is lost.

What has happened Revolut?! Please can someone help me locate my sum and put it in my account shortly.

Did you have it sent to GB06 LOYD 3080 1211 8564 72? That would be the correct IBAN for USD. Also, did you make sure they included your reference number?

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Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for your response. The customer service has solved it for me in the meantime.

It seems like they didn’t include the reference number and that’s why it got lost, and I was confused with the USD IBAN and the EUR IBAN.

All good!