Changing details after marriage


I need to change the name on my card plus add a new account. How do I do this?


Hi @HelenSolomons,

In order to change the name on your card you need to change your name from your profile. However, you’ll need to verify your account. Have you updated your name on your documents (e.g. passport etc)?


Yes, I have a passport in my married name




Do you have marriage certificate. Also, you’ll need to pay for the replacement card


I have the same issue. How do I send Revolut a copy of my new passport to have my name changed ?

Moreover, I have made a payment for train tickets with my new name, I am waiting for reimbursement as I had to cancel them, and I am afraid there will be a mismatch of name…


You will need to reach out our in-app support team @abc :slight_smile: