Changing card PIN inside the app

Here in Portugal the ATMs do not show revolut cards the option to change PIN, only portuguese cards can do it. So I’m pretty much stuck with the default PIN for my revolut card.

The ability to change the PIN on the app would not only be useful, it would also solve this problem.


as the PIN is stored on the chip of the card itself it can only be done on ATMs unfortunately

It used to be possible to change the pin in the app when I first joined up

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Is that an industry standard or a choice on revolut’s part? Because with N26 and bunq it is possible to do it on the app.

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oh, my ignorance then.

Yes: this very much needs to happen!

Change PIN in app?

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This is necessary in my opinion.
Thnx for posting this :bulb: idea. :smile:


Same in italy, ATM doesn’t have this chance

Maybe you can understand more here: