Changes to T&C's for METAL transfers

I am interested to hear feedback from other METAL user’s on Revolut removing unlimited <edit: international non SEPA> free transfers and replacing them with a 40% discount!

I would have expected at least 1 or 2 free rather than completely yanking the benefit.

I’m still not happy about having Cashback changed from unlimited to a max of £12.99. i.e. the max Revolut will pay you is £3 a month regardless of how much you spend.

I have to say on the transfer front I will now compare the charge Revolut plans to make against Wise and see who offers the better value.

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Hey @BritinSA If I am not mistaken the change applies only to “international transfers”, which means the (in case of EUROPE) SEPA and local transfers remain fee-free.
I personally use R to do international transfers, hence the change will impact me. I see in their fee page that in my case sending USD I would incure in a 0.30% of the amount being sent, would the 40% be on the 0.30%? Which means the charge would be 0.18% of the amount sent?
ie: If I send 1,000 USD, I’d have to pay 1.8USD
I think they could AT LEAST leave 1 international transfer for free, and then the 40% discount. Sure the 1.8 USD for 1,000 is cheaper than any other, almost sure (willling to stand corrected)

Why isn’t it even in the Announcements - Revolut Community?

When I use their simulator for a transfert, it gives me a lot of fees:
2500 euros fees !!
Why does not the limit MAX apply ? (250€ max )

It was a good idea to keep my W…e account, when I subscribed to a Premium R. :roll_eyes:

On the international transfer front Revolut is not always the cheapest. Same with Wise. Depends on the country in question.

I use Xoom for transfers to South East Asia and get a far better exchange than Revolut or Wise.

Although Revolut is not identified try this comparison tool provided by Wise

Whatever the new fee is it is unwelcome at the top tier subscription. It is not a good look to remove a service which was unlimited free for unlimited at a 40% discount.

There are a few services where Revolut has x number of transactions thereafter y cost. Why not the same pricing concept for this, especially when moving from unlimited free for Metal?


I suppose my point is that the implications of this change are that before I make a non-SEPA transfer with Revolut I will check the WISE website to price the same transaction. If the difference is negligible as suggested by #Ramm4U then it will be sent from Revolut where I keep my main balances.

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The subscription plans will become less popular because of this adaptation. So I think Revolut doesn’t get the cash flow improvements it wants.

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• Metal customers will get 10 commission free trades per month (previously unlimited commission free trades per month)

This is a huge miss for me as I buy/sell shares daily. Definitely the only reason why I have a metal card.

I’m also annoyed by this. I do a couple of transfers outside the EU a month, so I unsubscribed from the Metal plan on the spot as it was no longer providing any benefit to me. If they were reinstated I would consider re-subscribing.

Just finally encountered this in Australia. We get three free transactions then a fee which I can’t work out how it’s calculated (the fee is higher to send USD to one of my accounts in Australia than to send USD to one of my accounts in the US). Or at least that’s what it says - after the first transaction it tries to charge a fee!

So, if I got it right they removed 10 fee free international transfers for Metal Plan users? On their website it clearly states that you have 10 Fee FREE international bank transfers to any bank account per month. Here the link to the card comparison:

Unfortunately not, from 8 July Metal users now have to pay.

Yeah, found that part meanwhile. I will cancel my metal plan and revert back to standard.

When I check their pricing plans, we still get free payements for premium and metal:

I could understand that the page wouldn’t be yet updated the July 9, but, we are July 21.
So it’s a misleading advertising. I think it’s illegal in my country

Whether you get fee-free payments or a discount on the fees depends on the country you’re in.

In relation to my previous comment that I was charged after the first transaction, Revolut support confirmed that it’s three fee-free payments per membership month not per calendar month. Which lines up with the experience I had. Still kind of annoying that the fee is not in the slightest transparent. They tell you what it is, but not how they came to that number - why is it more expensive to send USD to an Australian domiciled USD account than a US domiciled USD account?

I was just confronted with this and am fuming. What I do monthly is:
convert CHF (swiss franc) to £ x. Then i use bank transfer to send to the recipient who has a UK bank account. This used to be free but no longer. They claim “international transfer”.

This is complete bs because what Revolut actually do is a turbo UK transfer from their OWN UK bank to the recipient. It arrives instantly which is impossible when doing a true international transfer.

They are therefore LYING to us about it and are skimming MORE money from metal customers who are already bleeding with the CHF18 or so every month.

It has got so bad it might be time to finally stop using them. This is shocking behaviour for core customers…

The worst thing is they charge this when they sometimes don’t even do an international transfer. When paying from abroad to uk, they actually use their uk bank to do a uk → uk turbo transfer, so no fees should be applicable.

Revolut defines in their terms and conditions what „international transfer“ means. It’s not related to their infrastructure, it’s related to your country of residency and the location of the recipient. And the currencies involved.

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Yesterday, as a Premium customer (Metal) of Revolut, I paid ZAR456 in charges to make a transfer of ZAR40,000 to South Africa, whereas sending the same by Wise cost ZAR86!

I served notice of termination of my Metal subscription and have downgraded to Free.

I can’t see myself using Revolut for international transfers anymore.

Even currency conversion seems to work better with Wise because they don’t have the artificial high xrates on weekends.

As an veteran user of Revolut of many years, I feel the company has lost it’s way in the drive for profits.