Changed to new iPhone - Now Revolut hangs when entering my mobile number


I changed iPhone. All apps transferred over in the set-up process.When launching Revolute I was prompted to enter my phone number. My number & SIM are the same. When I entered the number the app hangs.

So I deleted the app & downloaded a fresh. Still the same problem. I log onto the website and type in my mobile number for a download link - I get no text to my phone.

I have tried both with & without the (0) in the mobile prefix i.e +353 087 xxxxxxx & +353 87 xxxxxxx

So what am I to do?


Hi. I’ve been in touch via DM, please check your inbox. :slight_smile:

Hi Jess, please forgive me but what a DM?

A message to my registered email address?


A direct/private message via her profile.

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Hey. Did you manage to get back to Jessica?

Yes. Issue resolved itself?! All appears to be working as expected now.



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How was it resolved? I have a similar problem. Mike.

I got a similar issue - moved from Iphone 12 to 13 - same number. always reports an error - most of the time after taking the selfie. how can we get this fixed? thanks