changed telephone number cant get into app and no answer on support

i cant get into app, dont have access to phone number to verify, need to get app set up with new phone number please i am travelling and dont have access to previous numberou change it?
. ive been trying to get into the app and get cash for 24 hours and still no support would love some help please! it just keeps saying someone will be with me in 1 hour, then 2 hours then nothing! 24hrs later still no agent to talk to
cant figure out how to send DM please send me one

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Have you tried this?

yes it takes me to support been waiting 24 hours and still no answer

What happened? They fixed it??

no reply yet and still no support in app - hoping someone gets in touch soon!

Any help from revolut support please?

Did you manage to get in touch with our support team?

Hi, I am too in a very similar situation.

I do not have access to my old number to verify my account and cannot access my money.

I’ve been waiting for several hours now and still unable to speak to someone via your online support.

I am currently travelling and need to access money ASAP.

Please advise ASAP.

On the welcome screen, (latest app version), there is a link to change phone number. You can start the process from there.


Hi Andreas, I got a new phone and downloaded the Revolut app but it won’t let me access my account. It is trying to make me setup a new account. I really just want to access my old account as there is money in it. Can you help? Thanks.

Hi AndreasK,

I am in the exact same situation as Lee89. Please can you help? Or point me to somewhere I can access support without being in the app.


@samwfuller, if you can’t access in-app chat, try contacting them via:

Can someone help me here?
My ID is currently being checked by the app, but it’s been over 3 hours now - my touch screen is broken on my phone, so i need to use my work phone to use the app - I am currently in a garage and need to pay for new tires - I’ve got nothing else on me! Any help would be great - thank you!!

I would like that info as I am in the same situation