Changed phone number, now can't access account... help?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but I am at my wits end.

Years back I opened an account with my old phone number and did not use the account. I have since had problems with my old phone service provider so I left them and joined a new network, thus receiving a new phone number.

I tried to open a new account with my new number but I am repeatedly told on the app to log into the old account with my old number. When I attempt to do this I am sent an SMS to my old number. The issue is I cannot receive any service from my old SIM card as I am told by my old service provider that the number is “ported out”, meaning I cannot even receive confirmation texts to this number. Also, I cannot receive a new SIM card from my old provider as I am no longer with them. Effectively, my old number and access to its features has been lost during the transition to my new phone service provider, therefore I cannot access any Revolut account.

I am finding this incredibly frustrating as I am therefore effectively unable to use Revolut. I am wondering if you could please help me rectify this issue.

@Canning, the only thing you can do is to contract :r: on Facebook or Tweeter.

When installing the app on a new phone, on the screen where it asks you to enter your phone number, there’s a link at the bottom for this case: tap on “Lost access to my number”.

Hello, since last night I disconnected from the Revolut app, and I wanted to connect and I no longer have access it asks me my number then the 4-digit code but it does not work but when I go to the web interface , its works perfectly I receive a code by mail , but on the application nothing works I even uninstall and reinstall

Twitter is the quickest one to response, try them

Hola, yo he cambiado el dispositivo y ahora me envian la verificación a mis dos telefoonos y, aunque hago las fotos para la verificación, no las aceptan, si las envio salen las paginas en blanco. me envían los codigos pero no hay donde ponerlos. Es un desastre.
Quiero darme de baja y no hay manera.
Alguien sabe como hacerlo?

Hello I am also having the exact problem described above, with little recourse to contact anyone. I have tried to find you on Twitter to do this there but so far no success. Could someone from Revolut please get in touch to help me work through this issue. Quite unfortunate to be seemly locked out of my account with active money in it :S

@AndreasK you seem to be the go-to person for help with this. Could I get some too? Thanks in advance

Hi I have a problem With my account, cause i have a new phone And i Would like to change e-mail so i can verify my new phone. Can you help me, please?