Changed phone number: Can't login


I am currently for a couple of months in the US, so I put my German phone contract on freeze and got an US number.

To reflect this change I also updated my number in the Revolut app… Everything was working fine but now I bought a new phone, which means I have to login from scratch. And here comes the problem.

The app won’t let me put in my American number. +1 is simply not an available option. This means I cannot login.

I need to get this resolved. Support via Facebook​ isn’t replying. Some help would be really appreciated.


Hey @TheReal, the account itself is attached to a specific cellphone number for security reasons. Support hours are limited during weekend, I guess this is also true for social media.

What I would do is write the support chat, tell Rita to forward you to a live agent, and then provide complete informations, details, documents, a live agent might need once he/she picks up your case to solve your problem.

It might take a couple of hours until they get back to you, but they will look into it eventually.


But how am I supposed to contact the support chat if I can’t log into the app?

The problem is that Revolut won’t let me use my American​
number, because the drop-down menu in the screenshot is missing +1 as an option. (+1 is the beginning of American numbers)


That’s right. What you see in your screenshot is the screen when one is setting up a new account. (Accounts for US residents are not yet available, therefore the limited country codes.) Log-in with your old number (accounts are attached to cell phone numbers), then follow the same procedure as described for a lost phone in the FAQs. Or contact support via social media (private message), and also tell them the phone number you used for setting up your account with.

(Or, if you still have access to the phone number associated with the account to receive a text, follow instructions for moving to a new phone.)


The thing is: The number associated with my account IS an US number. Because I changed my number from within the app to an US number.

If US numbers are not officially supported, the app shouldn’t have let me change it to such a number in the first place.

Anyways, my only option is contacting support. Trying Twitter now, because on Facebook they won’t reply. :disappointed_relieved:


Did you try the original non-US number? Maybe the number one can change under profile in the app is “just” contact information. Also, support on weekends is very limited.


I got in contact with support and they are helping me now.


I have the same problem. sim card with number I have used is not working since I moved to another country. What should I do? how can I contact live support to talk to? I have used Vietnamese number before but now I am living in Russia. Russians numbers is not available yet.


Same thing has happened to me I can no longer login as was asked to reinstall the app but verification code wasn’t working. Need help asap


I’m having the same issue. I log in using my phone number, enter my personal 4 digit code and then I get sent a 6 digit code to enter. When I enter the 6 digit code it states that something went wrong, try again later. Need help with this as I will need to use the card quite soon.