Changed phone number, can't access the app and can't get a hold of team support


I have the same problem. I don’t even remember what number I’ve used as I’ve changed several SIM cards since then. I have physical access to the card and I can send a copy of my passport. I’m stuck in the feedback loop from hell trying to recover access to the application.

I’m a Metal member too so I’ll still be charged for the membership. Please advise.

!! :point_up:

I would love to get help aswell. Having the same problem

Hello Revolut Team,

I have a similar issue. I tried to create a revolut account when I was living in Hong Kong on an Hong Kong phone number. It then told me that Revolut was not available in Hong Kong and that I was in the queue to know when it would be available.
Now I am living back in Belgium and I have a Belgium phone number. After trying to register on that new phone number I receive a screen telling me that Revolut detected I used to have an account on a different phone number.
It ask me to login on the previous phone number and I click on , I d not have access to that number anymore. After that it ask me a 4 digit pin that no matter what I put there it always says it is wrong … and from there I am turning in an endless circle…



I have the same issue. The app peaks up incorrectly the code from the sms. As a result i cannot log in the app. I remember the password but it does not let me log in as I changed my phone. Can you please help???

Hi, i don’t if you can help?
I had a Revolut card ages ago and stopped using it, for the life of me, i had a few issues with my phone and ended up changing number like 5 times in 6 months.

I have tried to create a new account but it’s saying i already have one and to put the old number in. I’ve tried all the numbers i can think of and passcodes but nothing is working.

How can i get around this? I’m just wanting to either use the account again or open a new one? Any help would be appreciated as it’s been going for over a week!

Hi there. Scroll up to my post from Dec 20 for how to contact support.

I have the same problem. I lost my sim and phone number and since i switched phone, i lost my automatic access to my account.
I tried to enter the previous phone numbers but i can’t long in , i m sure the passcode i enter is right but still it doesn’t work :frowning: could u reach me out plz, i can give you all info you need to
thank you


I am French and I was living in the U.K. when I opened my Revolut account with an English phone number. I moved back to France, I changed my phone number for a French one and I don’t have access to my old English number anymore…
When I am trying to log in the app asks for a 6code number sent to my old number… what can I do ? I still want to use my Revolut card and account :confused:


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