Changed phone number, can't access the app and can't get a hold of team support


Problem solved, thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @Chicken29,

Sure we can help. I will get in touch with you via a direct message and help you access your account.

Let me say that this is not a bug :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

I have the same issue - my app did not recognize my profile and I have now changed phone numbers so i cant acces my account!

If i try to access it with a new number it says something went wrong.

Please help… should i create a new account and block my old card?But how do i know how much I have left on my card?



Since arriving in Australia I’ve experienced the same problem. My old phone number used to setup the account is no longer my number and I can’t log back in. So I’m left without any access to money at all! Can you please help?


Attempt to log in with your old number and go from there like it is described in the FAQs.


I’ve tried that and it doesn’t recognise my pin at all


Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hi Andreas K.,

Like a number of others, I recently lost access to my Revolut account because I have changed phone numbers. At first I was able to continue accessing my old account, but upon the newest update, I was logged out and am required to establish a new account. To complicate things a little bit, I no longer have the same phone number my account is attached to, so I can’t verify that way. I still have my Revolut card and I have balance in my account! Would appreciate some help. Thanks! (Can’t figure out how to direct message you.)



In case you’ve changed your phone number and you cannot access your account. Please follow my advise as described below:

  • Open the app.

  • Log in with the phone number used to sign up!

  • Type your passcode, the app will require to enter the 6 digit code.

  • Don’t enter any code

  • Wait 2 mins and press support!

New Phone No

Finally. A definite how-to guide for this :wink:


hello, Sire Andreas K
Please, can you help me to bring my Revolut account on my new number phone ?


Have you updated the app? You should see a link on the welcome screen after installing the app on a new phone for this case.


Thanks…i did… But what must i do after ?


Did you manage to change the phone number?