changed my phone number but forgot to do it on my account


So I just changed my phone number and forgot to change it on my revolut accont.
I go logged out of my account i don’t know how so now i can’t send back the confirmation code because the phone number of my account is not mine anymore.
Thank you for you’re help and sorry for my bad english.


You should be able to enter as login your phone number and app password and then use link with something like I can not get verification code. In this case you should get help with in app support


No that’s the probleme there is no “i can not get verification code” so no can’t get acces to any support …


I just verified it in my app.
Enter your old registered phone number and password. Wait one minute and in the bottom of the app you will see “code not delivered” or similar. And popup with three options will appear. Third option is chat

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thanks but i keep geting a red exclamtion point each time i send a message to the bot meaning the message has not been sent is that because the chat is closed at this time ?


I 'am not sure but it could be the reason. Usually chat is accessible in 6am 10pm on working days (UK time), so I suggest to contact support tomorrow morning. Only premium users have 24h support. Maybe same hours is for the issues with logging in to the app.


yeah now i can’t right i have a message “support is offline” so yes i’ll have to wait. I’ll try twitter also we will see witch one is faster.
but thanks for ur helpful help :wink: