Changed mobile number now can't login and balance on ATM showing a zero

I had trouble changing my mobile number so I could use a cheaper sim whilst abroad so contact support last night. They amended my mobile number for me, so I logged out and insert my new sim and when I try to login I am not being sent the code to access my account. I can’t access the inapp support as can’t login.

I have tried ringing a number of times but it just says all agents are busy and have also emailed support but no response yet.

I am really worried now as have gone to the cash machine to check my balance and it says £0.00 when is should be £1,006.00.

Please could someone help as I feel like I am now being scammed?

Update: Managed to speak to someone who provided me with a code and am now logged in and correct balance showing (phew!), not sure why ATM balance showing as zero the guy on the phone said this is because it is multicurrency and balances might not show correctly (it was a notemachine ATM that I used). I have checked at a bank ATM (Lloyds) and the balance is correctly showing, what a relief!

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Hi @Dinosnoraus,

Welcome to our community. Yes, it was me on the phone, it’s all sorted.

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Much appreciated :relaxed:

@AndreasK you do the forum, in app support, twitter, phone…
is that a one man support team? :slight_smile:

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Hi AndreasK,

I have the same exact problem - how can I deal with this?

Hi there.

Are you able to send me a direct message?

Hi im also having this problem, i need my revolut number changed and ive been waiting for the support chat for two days and i need my revolut immediately
Thank you

Sure! Could you please drop me a direct message?

Hi this is sam im having problems…u said you can help me out

I had to delete your message as this is a public post. Please reach me via a direct message.

My revolut account is linked with UK number, after I flew overseas and inserted different sim my balance suddenly went below zero (I hadn’t used the app meanwhile) My statement states the correct amount but it doesn’t match the amount displayed on the main page. please could you help?