Change the starting date of the "Monthly Budget Control" feature

I have spoken with someone on Revolut Chat and I was told that this feature is released in batches, so, hopefully, it will soon be released for everyone.

Same for me guys. Just this little purple dot on the top left side.

I recommend to everyone here that start a chat through the Revolut app and ask for this feature, let’s do some pressure

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Is there anybody here on iOS who has got this feature or this is still an Android-only feature at the time?

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I don’t have it yet, actually, I didn’t know that android users has that feature already available.

Finally today I got the update in iOS with this awesome feature!!!

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I just got the 6.7 update on iOS and it does indeed include this feature. There’s a calendar icon on the top left of the analytics screen where you can set the date (it defaults to the 1st of the month).

Hi. I have recently updated the Revolut app (iOS) and I set my monthly budget limit and also a couple of budgeting categories. I changed the start of each month on 26th day. However, when I open the analytics my budget was not reset on 26th. It is showing me how much I have left towards the 1st day of the next month. E.g. I set my monthly budget to £250 to start on 26th May, the budget feature is showing me that today (27th May) I have £15 left and not £250. Note: I have not spent any money between 26th and 27th May. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thank you for your replies.


Checked with support, apparently it’s a technical issue about to be fixed. However, shouldn’t take so long to fix it (was about 4 days ago), so let’s see…

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Same problem here. My budget didn’t start with analytics.