Change the starting date of the "Monthly Budget Control" feature


What are you using as a Revolut alternative?


Just my regular bank. I’m not using budgeting control. My intention was to use Revolut as day by day account with budgeting control but I can’t control the starting date so this feature is useless to me. I hope Revolut add this in the future.


Great to see, Revolut updating the month budget features - yet still doesn’t allow us to change the start date - it always starts on the 1st of the month.

Yet whats crazy is that your monthly ATM limit is the day you signed up.

Sort it out Revoult!! Its little things like this that drives users crazy… instead we get Vaults, Concierge and expensive lounge access…


It’s the classic software development paradigm - prioritise new features (even useless ones) over super-useful bug fixes and improvements, since you can market new features to increase sales/users but you can’t sell bug fixes.

Imagine Storonsky going for his latest round of VC financing: “Our main priority in the near/medium term is to make the app more usable/stable and to improve customer support, so please give us another $100M dollars.”


Would love this feature as I get paid mid month, dont use the budgeting tool because the results are skewed


Hi team,

This is really desirable and usefull feature.
To be able to set budget start date from payday to payday
not only form 1st of each month.



please make an option to change the start date of the budget tool. because now the tool is useless.