Change the starting date of the "Monthly Budget Control" feature

Even worse, the payday in Denmark tends to be on the last banking day of the month, which means it can vary a lot. Like some years when Easter comes early, payday could be the 27th because banks are closed during Easter. Other months, it’s the 31st.

So even if I could choose a fixed paydate, I would need to change it every month.

Some people are paid bimonthly, every 14 days. So it is definitely a feature that needs some extra work.

Hi all,

I was just about to start using Revolut for daily budgeting - I went for Revolut over Monzo for the easy international payments (and the cooler looking bank card!) but unfortunately, without this feature (which Monzo has), Revolut is unusable for me for day-to-day purchases.

It’s been over a year since this functionality was first introduced and we are still not able to set start dates for budgets. Pretty basic stuff I would of thought.


Please, please do this. It should be simple to set a slider with your preferred budget dates. Some people get paid weekly or fortnightly rather than monthly as well. Let people set their own budget periods.


Hi there!

Came here to ask for this as well. I get paid on the 15th and it makes it not so useful at the moment. Hope this gets heard!


Come on. This is a basic thing. We need it to get useful the budget control feature.

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Starting dates can now be changed in my app. Also option what to do if selected day is not a working day, i.e. if the 15th is a Sunday.


Absolutely need this feature! Custom date range for budgeting should be a relatively easy ask! Useless without it!

Despite it being written in the update log I can’t find any way to set the start date on Android

Analytics tab, and then a calendar icon in the top-right corner? Perhaps reset your app as that seemed to work for the Pride cards.

Hi! On iOS I don’t see any such option and the latest update log didn’t contain any information about such an option. Can’t wait, though. :slight_smile:

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I tried resetting the app data as I did with the charity card. It didn’t work this time. Waiting for an update-fix.

it already was announce in v6.2 and now with 6.3 again and still doesn’t seem to work.
Only a tiny purple dot showed up top left

I have spoken with someone on Revolut Chat and I was told that this feature is released in batches, so, hopefully, it will soon be released for everyone.

Same for me guys. Just this little purple dot on the top left side.

I recommend to everyone here that start a chat through the Revolut app and ask for this feature, let’s do some pressure

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Is there anybody here on iOS who has got this feature or this is still an Android-only feature at the time?

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I don’t have it yet, actually, I didn’t know that android users has that feature already available.

Finally today I got the update in iOS with this awesome feature!!!

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I just got the 6.7 update on iOS and it does indeed include this feature. There’s a calendar icon on the top left of the analytics screen where you can set the date (it defaults to the 1st of the month).