Change the starting date of the "Monthly Budget Control" feature


Hello All,

Revo recently added the “Monthly Budget” tool, which is really handy. However it tracks only the expenses, with a start day of 1st of each month.

However, I think it’s more practical to set the start-end day of the track at will, as I find it more handy to control my expenses from payday to payday (and my payday is on 20th of each month).

If you want to share any other ideas about that, don’t hesitate!

Cheers guys, keep the good work.

Set day of month for monthly budget to start.

Hey, just set my first budget and thought the same thing.
Asked support if it was possible as i cannot find it in the app.


This is something which I think is a quick easy win for Revolut and something id also like as ive just moved to mid month pay


Yes. Same here.
Hopefully it will be integrated soon.


I just searched to find out how to set the start date for a budget. Couldn’t believe this isn’t already an option, seems like something that should have been there since day one.


Same here, paid on the 20th - 22nd. Budgeting from the 1st is not useful.


I posted this back in Feb but, didn’t gain much traction, hopefully this thread will…


Came here to suggest this. I get paid on the 22nd. Seems like an easy win for Revolut to add this. Get on it! :grinning:


Came here to suggest this too. It would be great to have this feature since probably most people’s payday is not the 1st of the month and it would be much more relevant to track your expenses from payday to payday. Glad I’m not alone in thinking this.


I see there are many of us looking for this feature. Revo, can you hear us? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m 100% agree with this. It was suggested before:

Custom Date Range in Analytics Section.

@AndreasK this is something you are working on? It’s a very basic thing we need.


@AndreasK Anyone working on it? Any news? I think it’s an easy fix that changed things a lot


I’ll add my comment here too. Get paid on the 16th of the month - much better to set a budget around that


Great to see Revolut improving the app with features that we request…

Can’t believe this isn’t implemented yet


It seems that Revo doesn’t give much on our own opinion… 6 months and still waiting…


Hi i would love this too. Calendar month doesnt help with my budgeting


Agree with this one too,
One my the reasons I went with Revolut was because of the spendings and analytics, however notice The same Issue as others mentions as my salary is paid 25th, this should really be integrated wth possibility to start calendar start date on date specific for more accurate spendings.

Also would like to take the consideration for the analytics to consider incoming money as well, if I do pay a bill of 80 EUR and later gets transferred 30 back, I want my spendings if today to be 50 not 80,
As it should count my incoming balance too (not just from Top up! )


Totally agree, c’mon Revolut


Yes. I stopped using revolut because of that.


I suggest the same thing