Change Revolut to a Hip Pronouncable Name


Every time I see the name Revolut, I think it to be a failed attempt at a hip name. Nobody sees it properly and nobody pronounces it smoothly. Tell the boss your marketing people are right. Ditch the name before Revolut Premium kicks off. Even when I recommend Revolut to my friends, they think nerd zombie startup and are reluctant to onboard.


Hello @bsalita,

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll take it on board.

Revolut - as we say Revolution. Or even better as we say "The smartphone app revolut-ionising foreign currency exchange :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


I really like your service and have been recommending it at every chance. I’d like to see others comment on the name. Is it a :+1: or :-1:?


I think a premium service may need a different name. At the same time, I agree “Revolut” is quite difficult to pronounce for a native English speaker


Intrigued, how is it supposed to be pronounced? I have only ever read the name, Revolut, and never heard anyone else try to speak it. English is my first language so I would add an “e” and pronounce it rev-o-lute. And does it actually matter?


I think it does to an extent if they want their brand to grow faster and attract some affluent customers or, alternatively, a cool, hip and happening name may be better if they want to focus on under 30s. It all depends on the strategy but they need to fix their customer service first, imo.


I’m an over 60 so will have a differing point of view on some things but will agree that fixing customer service is an absolute priority.


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