Change PIN in app

If you really want to dive into it, you could now compare all those Revolut cards. Same card manufacturer? There’s a little text on the back. Same BIN number ranges? Same scheme, Mastercard or Visa? When were the cards issued? Does it happen again, can you replicate it?

Those are all the things that come to mind.

I don’t think it’s worth trying to figure this out in retrospect if to doesn’t happen repeatedly.

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In which country happen this?
And the card from which country issued?

The card was issued in England and the problem the same

Have you enabled some of the available security limitations on the card? :thinking:

No from the time it came i didn’t went in the setting of the app to change something…
It is something that i could check? I contact the agent and they said that is the merchant terminal but the thing it is was happened all the time when i am going above the contact less limit…

Try a payment disabling all the security limits and see what happens…

Is good to hear that you can pay with signature. I want this in my card but don’t have it. I believe the signature in payments is much safer and convenient than pin. I hope Revolut can implement this chip and signature.