Change PIN in app

What bank you used to change PIN? I am not able to find any… may you help me? Thank you.

Hi. Unless you are in the UK or Poland, it will be hard to find an ATM that offers PIN change. What you should try to do is find a Euronet ATM. Don’t withdraw any cash, but when you insert your card (not tap) it might give you the option to change your PIN. Always make sure that there is no skimming device on the card reader, but you should be able to use Euronet.

I find that only the newer machines support it, but just try one and see.

Please enable pin change in the app. Instead of working on things like group savings vaults (pointless if you don’t have a joint account IMO) most would prefer more useful functions like pin change on app.


When Revolut startet, they had this. They removed it. (I don’t know why). But it’s most certainly not a matter of resources.

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The problem with the PIN change on the app is that not all card terminals are able to transmit the signal that the PIN has been changed. Lunar Way used to also allow PIN changes, but they don’t anymore either. The problem was that a user would change the PIN, go to the store, try to pay and put in the new PIN, and it would decline. They would then need to try the old PIN, but that isn’t guaranteed either.

The user would eventually have to go to an ATM to have the pin properly registered again (because the card does have an encrypted form of the PIN inside) and that defeats the purpose of having it done in the app.

Personally, I never had problems here after I changed the PIN, but here where I am there are predominantly modern, online machines. Older and or offline card readers had this issue and are the reason why we can’t change the pin in the app.

I hope this helps explain and I would like to mention that I am in no means an expert, this is just things I have seen/read online.

Please check my previous post about that. I think the points are still valid.

Not all POS terminals that connect online for authorization are configured to / are able to write issuer scripts that would update the PIN stored on the card.

So why do N26, AMEX and others allow it?

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Why not check N26’s website and see what they say about it:

If you live in France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Estonia or the UK, you must withdraw money at an ATM first before you can use your card anywhere else.


N26 allow this. Very handy. But in Ireland you can change your card’s pin in an ATM.