Change PIN in app


I am afraid so. By now I have tried about 20 different ATMs, 8-9 of them, from different banks, offering PIN change service. They all failed. Maybe banks in Romania charge too much for the PIN change and Revolut just rejects those transactions in order to keep PIN change free?

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I’m gonna try a EuroNet ATM tonight. Has anyone done that already? Someone mentioned in another thread that that worked for them in the NL. Worth a shot I guess …

Also … can anyone tell me whether there are any limitations as to what the PIN can be? By that I mean: could the PIN change be rejected because the new PIN happens to be the same 4 digit combination of
A. my Revolut App
B. My other Revolut cards that has the same PIN as the one I am trying to set?



I have a Visa and my wife a Mastercard, both Revolut. My experience is that it’s possible to change the PIN for Mastercard whereas it’s not for Visa… (tried with several ATM in switzerland).



Even Boon now allows to change PIN directly in the app.

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What security reason though? If someone gets to the part of the app to change the pin, they can surely get to the point of the app to view the current pin.



Please make it happen. :smiley:



haha why Boon card had PIN??? When using Apple Pay you will never use the PIN of your card cause it’s useless. As soon as the CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method) apply using Touch ID so no pin require.



That’s what I thought too. That was until last month when I used Apple Pay on my Santander UK MasterCard at a Pão de Açúcar supermarket in Brazil, an official Apple Pay merchant, for just over BRL 90. As well as authenticating with my fingerprint on my iPhone, I also had to enter my PIN on the card terminal. I wondered what would have happened if I was using a PIN-less card. I was tempted to enter an incorrect PIN to see whether this was just a dummy step in the terminal’s software, but decided to enter the correct PIN.

However, when I used my American Express UK card at non-official Apple Pay merchants (restaurants) in Brazil for larger amounts, I was not asked for the PIN. It seems to be down to the merchant’s implementation.

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This is simply not true as stated here before:

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Maybe for contactless ATMs, I needed pin there.



Maybe if you try instead of PIN just press enter to skip the PIN and use your signature.
It might works.
Also keep in mind you can always use “debit” or “credit” for any card. In case of “credit” you dont need PIN to authorize the transaction.



They asked me “crédito ou débito” as usual, to which I replied “crédito”, but I was asked for the PIN, even though I had already done two-factor authentication using my fingerprint.

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Hmm very weird. Next time try to press Enter without the PIN and tell me if works.



In Colombia, always request your pin. The card don’t work as debit there. In other thread here someone comment that in some countries, foreign cards are treated as credit.

I didn’t try press ok without insert pin. I will do it the next time.



I use my Revolut card without PIN in Sweden and Greece.
Visa card: I just press enter and then your transaction authorized. Done.
Mastercard: I need 3 times to press Enter in order to bypass the PIN. Done.

Not All POS allow you to do that. Hope to find it useful.

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and what happen if the POS “decided” lock the card after press “enter” without it understanding a bad pin? If you are near of home, yo can request new card, but overseas would be a problem :thinking:



PINs are locked after 3 failed attempts. There should be a “wrong PIN” message on the POS display.

So in case @dimitrism does not suggest to dismiss a “wrong PIN” message for three times, you should be safe.

Also, PINs and CVVs can be unlocked by yourself from within the app. Check the settings for your card. :wink:

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Doesn’t help much though. The most people in this thread would like to change their PIN in the app. :wink:



This was a direct response to the previous post where @valtf assumed one would have to order a new card after it got blocked due to a wrong PIN.

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I just saw that you can change your PIN from your card also at N26 over the app or web interface. I think that all Revolut cards, or prepaid cards in general, need an online connectivity anyway to make payments, so it should be possible to add a PIN changing feature to the Revolut app if it is possible with credit cards (AMEX) and debit cards (N26), or?

Since it is not possible to change your PIN in certain countries with an ATM this is an really annoying issue. :roll_eyes: