Change PIN in app


Probably it is just required to use chip+pin opration to save pin to chip after changes in he app, probably it must be triggered by POS-card issuer system communication. Maybe.


Well it used to be possible in Revolut as well, they removed it …

I did more checks in ATMs here in France, I didn’t see any where I could change the PIN. I didn’t go to Paris recently though.


+1 for this feature to return!


Still no update or official response on this? Why was the feature removed from the app, and why is it impossible to put it back in?
I’m considering this as a pretty bad security issue.

I tried both Belgian ATMs and US ATMs (Bank of America and a couple others) and no where I had an option to change pin.


Another vote for the return of this feature. I just received my new VISA card today and was unsuccessful in changing the PIN at ATM’s as well.

Among the 6-7 ATM’s I tried in Bucharest, Romania, only 2 had the PIN services available, but neither worked, both returning a “Transaction Rejected” message.

Revolut, please put back the InApp PIN change, it’s much needed!


Yes: This feature is absolutely necessary!

Changing card PIN inside the app?

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I also agree this feature should be resurrected


The problem with changing PINs online on PIN-offline cards (like Revolut’s cards) is that the cards do not have any means to know that you changed the PIN online and will still have the old PIN stored.

Technically PIN-offline cards have two PINs, one stored online in the issuer’s system and one on the card.
Depending on which PIN the POS asks for, you have no freaking idea what PIN you need to enter then on your next PIN-payment when you changed it online.

Technically you’d have to change your PIN online, go to an ATM (or other POS that you know that asks for the online PIN and support issuer scripts to change the offline PIN on the card) before you do any other (PIN-)payment with the card to change the second PIN too - complicated, right?

This seems a litte bit too complicated for the majority of card users from my experience.

Cards that only support an online PIN do not have that problem, but they sometimes have problems on POS that prefer the offline PIN.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if that’s the reason that Revolut stopped supporting changing the PIN in the app, but I guess so. I can imaging how many people had problems with that and clogged support because of that.


I changed my pin several times through the app when first using Rev and had not one single problem.

@AndreasK can you confirm why this feature was in fact removed?


They have a similar system on one of my bank’s cards, and the way it works is that immediately after changing the online PIN, a big note shows up telling you that the first transaction should now be at an ATM. (which would then sync the offline PIN with the new online one)

It’s not that complicated, and best of all it works, which IMHO is much preferable to the way things are right now, having no way at all to change it.


Well, all of this is personal experiences; what I can tell you from a broader perspective: The vast majority of people do not understand that, hence, MANY support cases about this are generated about block cards (experience from other banks I consult to technically).

Also, I personally see that everyone who uses PIN changing services changes the PIN of all their cards to the same or something, which is horrible from a security standpoint.
Hence, I have no specific need for this service, I can always look up the PIN in the App for example in case I forget, no big deal.

But once again, noone but Revolut can tell anything specific about the reasons for this specific case here why the stopped providing the service in the app.


This has been changed for security reasons. I’m pretty sure it’s now the same for all the banks.

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Went through this today myself … not fun … read all the FAQs, went through the community posts, got in touch with Revolut support, got in touch with support from 2 different banks that have PIN management available in their ATMs … all to no avail. I have to say I’m quite surprised this issue is still not solved or closed. Should we keep trying new ATMs or will you just add Romania to the list of countries with no PIN change capability?


I am afraid so. By now I have tried about 20 different ATMs, 8-9 of them, from different banks, offering PIN change service. They all failed. Maybe banks in Romania charge too much for the PIN change and Revolut just rejects those transactions in order to keep PIN change free?

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I’m gonna try a EuroNet ATM tonight. Has anyone done that already? Someone mentioned in another thread that that worked for them in the NL. Worth a shot I guess …

Also … can anyone tell me whether there are any limitations as to what the PIN can be? By that I mean: could the PIN change be rejected because the new PIN happens to be the same 4 digit combination of
A. my Revolut App
B. My other Revolut cards that has the same PIN as the one I am trying to set?


I have a Visa and my wife a Mastercard, both Revolut. My experience is that it’s possible to change the PIN for Mastercard whereas it’s not for Visa… (tried with several ATM in switzerland).


Even Boon now allows to change PIN directly in the app.

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What security reason though? If someone gets to the part of the app to change the pin, they can surely get to the point of the app to view the current pin.


Please make it happen. :smiley:


haha why Boon card had PIN??? When using Apple Pay you will never use the PIN of your card cause it’s useless. As soon as the CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method) apply using Touch ID so no pin require.