Change phone terminal

Hello, I have an existing account but i dont seem to be able to access it from my new phone (with the same old number) every time i try to link my existing card i get the message “this card can not be linked” Support is always offline when i try to access it…I do not know what else can I do…

Hi, is this an issue with logging in onto a new phone, or an issue with adding a new top-up payment method?

I can’t log in in my new phone. And I think I have created a new account (which is something I dont want). I just want to recover my old account. The one my debit card belongs to.

Maybe I can help! I’m reaching you out via a DM :slight_smile:

Hi! I think I already sorted it out. It was due to a change of phone numbers I should not have tried out. Thanks anyway for your help!!

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