Change phone number without access

Could you guys go give them a bell via Twitter/Facebook?

Andreas is no longer active on these forums and I’m not entirely sure who is anymore.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. A few days ago I did change my phone number.
  2. Today I did restore my iphone
  3. Opened Revolut app and was asked for the pin - Provided good pin but “something went wrong try again later” - Tried many times.
  4. Reinstalled Revolut App.
  5. The app asking me for phone number, when giving the previous one - “something went wrong…”
  6. When clicking “cant access the number”, and then provide the previous number then it asking me for the pin.
  7. The pin once again seem to not work “something went wrong”.
  8. After 3rd try the app offered me chat.
  9. The chat asked me to do selfie with my ID - Did it.
  10. Chat is blank.

Can somebody help me?

I am having the same issue

Hi I’m having the same problem how do I dm you ?

Hello everyone,
I can’t access to Revolut on IPhone after a complete backup.
Also, I ve changed my personal phone number since I ve been registered on Revolut.
Could you please send me a private message to fix it or any way in order to fix it ASAP.
Best Regards

Hi Andreas, i have the same issue. Tried the online chat, was sent a link to authenticate my account, but the app says passcode reset is not possible. Can no longer access the online chat as i get logged out every time i attempted to access the chat using “lost my number” function. No longer bother to log in and retrieve the cash inside, only hope to deactivate the account. Please assist.


I created an account with a phone number that I do not have access to anymore. I am trying to change my phone number, but it says they will send a message to that number,which I can’t see it!

Can you please help me?

Thank you.

Can you shoot a message to Revolut on Twitter/Facebook?

Can you please help me to change phone number without access?

I have the same problem, i don’t have access to my old number to verify with the security code so I can’t change to my new number. I tried to get in contact with an agent in the chat but it just says that I’m waiting for someone. Can I please get help with this.

@AndreasK having the same problem here

I have the same problem here as I changed the previous phone number and now cant receive any confirmation password as it’s sent to the old phone number please help!

HI! @AndreasK I also have the same problem.
The app was deleted.
Downloaded a new one.
Cant log in as I dont have the access to the old phone nr.
Please help :slight_smile:

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Shoot them a message on Twitter or Facebook. Andreas is no longer active on the forums.

Hi. I have just bought a new phone but cannot access my account because I’m in a different country. Please can you help me? Thank you.

Shoot them a message on Twitter/Facebook

A few weeks ago my phone broke and I’ve changed my sim card to another phone. Since then, I haven’t been able to log in my account as it leads me to create a new account and when it recognises the account, it takes me back to the beginning, registering again! I seriously don’t know what to do! I am very worried. @AndreasK please help me. I’ve tried to contact you through twitter and email but I never had an answer from Revolut.

I would complain to

I can not access my account as i dont have access to my number please help

Hello I find myself in a similar situation: 2 days ago I was checking my account and a some point app led me to create a new account, which I tried to do cause it gives no choice. But as soon it recognises you alredy have an account, it takes you back to the beginning.
There is no way to contact assistance if you’re out of the app. Unless you do a expensive international phone call to UK where you’ll end up to talk with a machine anyway. And this is a huge problem.
I alredy wrote to @AndreasK and someone else but no answer so far.
From what i see, I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy and quick resolution.
I feel we are left to ourselves.